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The look Goosebumps

The journey starts beneath seven skies, where lava and ocean meet. A land where giant volcanoes once ruled the skies, where the spirit of pure nature is alive and where miracles still happen. Immerse yourself into the untamed beauty of New Zealand nature

Your mind is being blown away by the relaxing, bucolic sounds of a wheat field swaying gently in the wind. Hear the rustling of the wheat stalks, birds chirping, and a soft whisper of the gentle breeze overhead. Set in a spectacular scenery, feel the powerful beauty of tranquil Rotorua mud hot springs. These well-balanced colours are underlined with harmonically quiet, soothing music of forests creatures that leave the hoof print in your mind

This dreamy, romantic image was brought to life. The influence and connection to nature is surprisingly clear. Quiet luxuriousness permeates the collection. Deer skin… THE CASHMERE OF LEATHER… the brand’s main ingredient is present again, accompanied by naturally evolved bumps of the ostrich skin. You feel the worlds first-class status

At the end of this unforgettable journey you will find a new love. Because only the first "TOUCH" of true love can give you "GOOSEBUMPS"

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