About the brand


With Monika Paulinyova’s deep respect and love for high quality and valuable materials, she started her journey in a mysterious, calm and peaceful land - New Zealand the jewel of South Pacific.

Taking advantage of decade of experience as a former garment designer she learnt that noble fabrics speak to women, make them feel beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. In garments, only the world’s finest cashmere has this unmistakably intense power and luxurious immersive feeling.

In New Zealand, a magical dream land with spectacular scenery and dramatic landscapes she discovered a very big secret - “Cashmere” of the leather trade, the Deer skin.

The skins enchanted her by its spectacular quality, extraordinary featherlike weight and unbelievable softness to the touch. It felt almost ethereal.

It was love at first touch.


From a dream to the leather, from the leather to creating of a fantasy collection.

The "cashmere" of leather, this heavenly soft to touch, forever noble, simply irresistible material, infused the brand’s identity. The noble qualities of this material confirm the characteristic of the brand and gives it a refined and luxurious interpretation in both feathery lightweight and warm enveloping feeling.

The designer is putting her mark on the label’s look, uncompromising, yet gentle as her personal style dictates. She gives the brand the trademark sophisticated look that is feminine, pure and relaxed. The collections enhance women’s personality with an uptown timeless elegance that is unassuming yet distinguished by absolute attention to detail.

In an idyllic Italian countryside, using the finest raw materials, the skilled hands of master artisans are shaping the most desirable, exquisite leather pieces to be worn.

A brand is born.
It is love, from the first touch.